Map over Canada
12 Jul 2019

46 injured from a carbon monoxide leak at a motel

46 people have been hospitalized after a carbon monoxide leak at a motel in Winnipeg, Canada on Tuesday, reports CBC News.

At least 15 people have life-threatening injuries, while the condition for 26 people is stable. The state of the remaining five is described as unstable.

Two of the victims are children, but they do not have life-threatening injuries. Just over 50 people were in the building when a gas alarm was triggered shortly after 10 am local time.

Carbon monoxide is a very toxic gas with no color, odor or taste. In high concentrations, it blocks the oxygen transport to the body's soft tissues, causing oxygen deficiency in the cells.

Mild poisoning causes symptoms such as dizziness, headache and nausea. Higher concentrations can cause unconsciousness, seizures and respiratory failure.