A tree has fallen on the road, blocking the street. Screen shot from The Guardian´s YouTube video.
22 Sep 2018

Violent storm wreak havoc in UK and Ireland


Storm Ali: Two people died on Wednesday after the first storm of the season, large enough to be named,   brought winds of over 100 mph across Ireland and parts of Scotland and England, reports Guardian News.

Two people have died and several others have required hospital treatment as Storm Ali swept across the north of Ireland, central Scotland and northern England on Wednesday with winds of over 100 miles per hour. (160 kms per hour or 45 meters per second) 

Throughout the day, thousands were left without power, or facing severe travel disruption as trucks overturned, roads were blocked by falling trees and train services were cancelled. In south-west Scotland, children were banned from walking home from school because of the risk of injury from flying debris.

A man died and another man was injured after they were hit by a tree as they worked in a country park in Northern Ireland. The man who died, who was in his 20s, and the injured man, in his 40s, who was taken to hospital

Earlier, as the first named storm of the season struck during the morning rush hour, Irish police confirmed a woman had died when a caravan was blown off a cliff in the west of Ireland.

By the end of the day, more than 250,000 homes and businesses across Ireland were left without power, while 30,000 in the south-west of Scotland were similarly affected.