Extrication demonstration during Technical Days 2016

Extrication and New Technology

The CTIF Commission for "Extrication and New Technology" is trying to encourage and promote the cooperation between fire services and other emergency services around the world.

The commission is working within the ‘ISO’ (International Organization for Standardization) and other international stakeholders to be able to internationally harmonize information and training for the rescue services in the field.

If we can share our experiences on the international level, this will help us all one step further to guarantee the security of our citizens and emergency workers. The more we can learn from each other, the better.

The international commission is thematically active in three working fields:

  1. Extrication & Road Safety (UN Decade)
  2. Energy Storage Systems (batteries, solar panels, ...)
  3. Smart Tech (robots, self-driving cars, data transmission, ...)

The philosophy of the commission is mentioned in the scheme below: innovation requires the necessary flow of information regarding the product and the installation, to come to efficient rules and the dissemination of knowledge.






Tom Van Esbroeck

Chair: Tom Van Esbroeck, Belgium

Mr. Van Esbroeck currently holds the positions of Director for the department of Human Resources & the department of Education, Training and Exercise at the Professional Fire and Rescue Service of Ghent. Furthermore he is Station Manager at the Voluntary Fire and Rescue Service of Ninove. Mr. Van Esbroeck also serves as an expert to the Belgian government and to the Flemish Federation. In 2013 he took up the position of chairperson of the CTIF Extrication and New Technology Commission.


Overview of the Commission

  • Kick-off: December 2013
  • Chairman: Tom Van Esbroeck (2nd term)
  • Project Leaders:
    • ISO: Tore Eriksson
    • Euro NCAP: Michel Gentilleau
    • Solar Panels: Tore Eriksson
    • Extrication: Mikko Saastamoinen



  • Meetings: 2 face-to-face meetings every year.port
  • Member countries:
    • Belgium: Tom Van Esbroeck, Willy Tomboy
    • Sweden: Tore Eriksson, Johannes Stromberg, Martin Arvetsson
    • Austria: Roman Sykora
    • Italy: Emanuel Pianese
    • France: Serge Delauney, Michel Gentilleau, Adrien Zanotto, Claire Petit-Boulangier
    • Portugal: Antonio José M.N. Calinas
    • Germany: Frank Huesch, Ruediger Knoll, Ivana Kordoba-Kruijff
    • Czech Republic: Martin Zaitlik , Jakub Klucho
    • Finland: Mikko Saastamoinen
    • Poland: Jacek Gawronski
    • Denmark: Henrik Paulsen
    • Slovenia: Milan Dubravac
    • Japan: Hirochi Fukushi
    • Luxemburg: Michel Demuth, François Christnach
    • UK: Thomas Goodall
    • Norway: Ingar Hallingdal