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Chlorine leak in Jordan
27 Jun 2022

Massive Chlorine Leak in Jordan - 12 dead and over 250 Injured

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An intermodel tank container was reportedly dropped while being offloaded from a ship resulting in a massive liquid chlorine leak.

According to Reuter´s, at least 12 people died and 251 were injured in a chlorine gas leak from a storage tank at Jordan's Aqaba port, officials and state media reported on Monday, June 27. 

The leak occurred when a tank filled with 25 tonnes of chlorine gas fell while being transported, officials said.

A video posted on state television's Twitter page showed a storage tank falling from a winch and slamming into the deck of a ship, followed by yellow-coloured gas rising into the air as people ran away.

According to the BBC, Aäuthorities said a chemical storage container fell while being transported as a result of a crane malfunction.

When chlorine is inhaled, swallowed or comes into contact with skin, it reacts with water to produce acids that damage cells in the body. Inhaling high levels of chlorine causes fluid to build up in the lungs - a life-threatening condition known as pulmonary oedema.

According to Al-Jezeria, 13 people had died by the end the day. The emergency directorate said authorities sealed off the area after evacuating the injured to hospitals and sent specialists in to deal with the leak.

Al-Mamlaka TV said 199 were still being treated in hospitals at the end of Monday. 

Dr Jamal Obeidat, a local health official, urged people to stay inside and close windows and doors. The nearest residential area is 25ckm away.