The Euro Rescue app on a smart phone
01 Dec 2023

Euro NCAP releases new version of the CTIF supported "Euro Rescue" app


500,000 + app downloads; 1550 Rescue Sheets, in 4 languages!


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Euro NCAP has released the latest version of Euro Rescue!

Download the new Euro Rescue today! Image removed.

Euro NCAP is launching the newest version of Euro Rescue. The latest app, version 2.0.3, features 1,566 free rescue sheets within a sleeker and faster interface.


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500,000 first responders have downloaded the Euro Rescue app for smartphones in Europe since the launch in June of 2020! This means more than 1500 Rescue Sheets have been designed according to the ISO 17840 standard have been made available to European first responders.

CTIF has been instrumental in the conception of these Rescue Sheets which help make all road rescue and extrication work safer. 

Already in September of 2023, the half a million mark was surpassed for downloads of this very useful app, which is for first responders, secondary responders and others in the tertiary chain of response and safety. 

In November 2022, we passed 200,000 downloads - and only ten months later we surpassed 500,000!

This means that the user base for this app has more than doubled in less than a year. Considering it was launched in 2020, we can conclude the popularity of this app is now growing exponentially, and now faster than ever before!


Downloads from all over the world - not just in Europe

Preliminary stats from Euro NCAP show that the United States is fourth on the list of the most users who have downloaded and are using the Euro Rescue App, after countries like the UK, Germany and France, who are leading the statistics on both iOS and Android operating systems. 

The more detailed stats show that Euro Rescue currently has users all over the world, so Euro Rescue is actually becoming a worldwide success, not just a hit among Europeans. 


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