Map of South Africa. Google Maps
20 Apr 2022

Hundreds dead in South Africa flooding disaster


The death toll is rising after the floods in South Africa: More than 440 people have died after last week's floods and landslides in the eastern parts of South Africa. The military is now deployed to assist in the rescue efforts.

The next few days the rain is expected to be light, which offers some hope to the situation.

Heavy rains have been hitting the eastern parts of South Africa, especially in the province of Kwazulu-Natal, home to the large city of Durban.

At least 443 people, including a rescue worker, have died. More than 60 people are still missing, according to authorities.

The South African Armed Forces announced on Monday that 10,000 soldiers will be deployed to help with the rescue efforts, including transporting relief supplies. Helicopters will also be supported for rescue and reconnaissance missions, according to Reuters.


Reports of looting
Hundreds of social workers have also been sent to the area to take care of traumatized survivors. The South African government has set aside the equivalent of 65 million Euros for initial crisis support.

4,000 police officers are said to have been deployed to help with the relief efforts, and also to maintain law and order as there have been reports of looting, according to The Guardian.

The storm has left thousands homeless and many households without electricity. Roads and other infrastructure have been swept away after the torrential rains.

The rain eased slightly on Sunday and on Monday only a few millimeters of rain are expected in the Durban area. From Wednesday another break in the rain is expected, according to weather forecasts.

In a speech on Good Friday, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa called the floods "a catastrophe of enormous proportions", according to The Guardian.