Laos dam collapse BBC screen shot
24 Jul 2018

Many victims of flooding in Laos and Vietnam


Flooding continue to be a problem in Vietnam, and in Japan. Recently, a dam broke i Laos, which has claimed 27 lives so far.

Hundreds of people are missing because of a power dam that has collapsed in Laos, according to the news agency AFP.

About five billion cubic meters of water allegedly have been released from the dam, located in the Attapeu province in southeastern Lao. The construction of the dam was not completed. It was expected to be ready to use in 2019.

Authorities have now taken boats to the site, in order to evacuate people in the flooded areas. The water levels have continued to rise after the dam collapsed.

Environmental law organizations have long criticized Lao's hydroelectric development, as they consider believe the dams have a negative effect on natural land around the Mekong River.

Several dams are being built or planned in Laos, which is a poor, communist state.

The majority of the hydro electric power generated in Laos is being exported to Thailand.

Typhoon Son Tinh - the third tropical storm to hit Vietnam so far this year - has so far taken 27 lives. Seven people are still missing, according to Vietnamese authorities.

The strong winds and the heavy rains have caused extensive damage. The most damage is in the province of Yen Bai in northern Vietnam.

Thirteen people died instantly and 18 were injured. Four people are missing.

Landslides and floods have destroyed and damaged more than 12,000 residential buildings, and over 90,000 hectares of farmlands are under water.

The capital of Hanoi has also been affected by both floods and landslides.