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11 Jul 2018

Guide to easily navigate by subject matter and category


It is recommended to watch the videos above FULL SCREEN as the details are small and hard to see on the small screens on the webpage.

Feedback from users have shown that many people have difficulties finding what they are looking for in the archive. Here is a guide for how to to use the CTIF website. This guide will continually be updated, and your feedback is appreciated.

You will find the guide in the menu "Search Guide" You find it as the photo below shows:

Search guide menu


The CTIF Communications Working Group apologizes for the previosuly broken link "More News", which was  not working for a while but has now as of today, Wednesday, been fixed by our web master Peter Luznik.

The category tags for the Library will be updated, as they are created manually. Please let us know if you are missing a particular Category that you know is represented in the Resource Library.