21 Aug 2018

Time to register for training of judges in preparation for the 2019 CTIF Games


Training of judges for the international Youth Fire Brigade Competitions in 2019 will be held this Autumn on 12-14th of October 2018 in Linz, Switzerland:

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Ladies and gentlemen, once again to ensure a regular and youth-friendly review at the 22. International Youth Fire Brigades competitions in MARTIGNY 2019, but also to convey to the Competition Rules 7th edition of 2012 for the International Youth Fire Brigades competitions, will the reviewers offered a reviewer training as in previous years.

This reviewer training the reviewers of the National Fire Brigade associations given the opportunity, on the basic of practical exercises to gain experience but also to acquire knowledge about the handling of the Competition Rules.

Given the encouraging high power density are the winning groups in their results extremely tight at the top, so to view a regular review of decisive importance. In addition, all participating groups have the right to be objective and equally assessed or evaluated.

It is therefore necessary that the evaluators to the 22th International Youth Fire Brigades competitions according MARTIGNY 2019 (Switzerland) are sent to participate in this training in the fall 2018. It intends to send only those Contributor which are also involved in the activities with the young firefighters in the National Fire Brigade associations.

These courses have been proven in the past, from 1996 to 2016 and again well as paving the way for the next Contributor International Youth Fire Brigades competitions 2019 MARTIGNY, Switzerland.

Jörn-Hendrik KUINKE
Chairman of the International Adjudicator

 Alfred Deschberger
CTIF - Youth Leader Commission Youth Competitions of the CTIF


Click here to go to the registration for this CTIF event (the October training of Judges)


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