A satellite image from Monday shows Michael´s position in the Mexican Gulf. It is expected to move to Florida during Tuesday and Wednesday.
09 Oct 2018

"Monster hurricane" Michael heading for Florida


A state of emergency has been  announced in Florida because of the approaching Hurricane Michael. The governor of the state, Rick Scott, describes Michael as a "monster storm" and residents are encouraged to store up food, water and medicine for several days.

"The storm is life threatening and extremely dangerous," said governor Rick Scott during a press conference.

The storm Michael is currently moving towards Florida. During its movement across the Gulf of Mexico, it has accumulated power and is currently at the level of hurricane strength.

In the photo above, a satellite image from Monday shows Michael´s position in the Mexican Gulf. It is expected to move to Florida during Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, it is estimated to hit Florida with a wind speed of 43-49 meters per second.

"It's a monster storm and forecasts are getting worse," said Rick Scott, Florida's governor during a press conference.


Winds strong enough to blow down buildings and pull up trees by their roots

The likelyhood is high that the strength of the hurricane will reach Category 3. It means wind speeds could reach between 50 and 58 meters per second. At that wind speed, trees risk might get pulled up by their roots, man made structures could get blown apart, and heavy objects like cars blown around by the wind.

"We must take this seriously," says Rick Scott.


"Follow orders for evacuation"

He has officially asked President Trump to announce state aid disaster in order to relieve more resources to deal with the storm. Disaster relief was announced on Monday in 26 of the municipalities in Florida, reports CNN. Soldiers from the National Guard are called in and medical and emergency services are in standby.

Monster storms are expected to move across Alabama, through the northwest parts of Florida and further north. Rick Scott urged all Florida residents, wherever they live, to take the warnings seriously.

"Michael can still change direction and it can hit the entire state," said Rick Scott during a press conference.

Florida residents are encouraged to stockpile food, water and medicine for at least three days to come.

- Follow any evacuation orders, says Rick Scott.

Up to 130 millimeters of rain

The United States National Energy Center has issued several warnings before the storm. One of them concerns the massive rainfall that is expected to occur in the hurricane's way, which is likely to cause severe floods.

Rainfall between 50 and 100 millimeters is expected. Locally it can reach 130 millimeters, said Rick Scott during the press conference.

"The storm is life-threatening and extremely dangerous," he said.