01 Apr 2021

Meet the CTIF ISO Implementation Working Group

The CTIF ISO Implementation Working Group meets regularly to address issues pertaining to promote and support the implementation of the ISO 17840 standard within the CTIF member countries and beyond.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or need help with anything concerning the standard.   


Tore ErikssonTore Eriksson - Sweden


Mr Eriksson is a fire instructor who worked as a tactical aid application developer for the Swedish Rescue Services Agency until 2019. He was the President of CTIF International 2012 - 2020 and has been a major driving force in the creation of the CTIF ISO 17840 standard since the beginning. He is currently the chair of the CTIF ISO 17840 Implementation Work Group and an active member of the Swedish National CTIF Committee. 

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Tom van EsbroeckTom Van Esbroeck - Belgium


Tom Van Esbroeck has been the chair of the CTIF Commission for Extrication & New Technology since 2012 and has been leading the work in creating the ISO 17840 standard. Mr Van Esbroeck is involved in several projects involving transport, new technology and hazardous materials and has been a driving force in the creation of the ISO 17840 standard since the start. He is the contact point between the implementation group and the Commission, which is its parent organisation. 

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Milan Dubravac, president of CTIF since October 21, 2020 Milan Dubravac - Slovenia

Mr Dubravac is the head administrator for the Slovenian civil protection and disaster relief and also the head of the Slovenian National Fire-fighting School. Mr Dubravac also serves on the CTIF Commission for Firefighting at Airports and is involved in CTIF´s work with the International Atomic Energy Association. Before becoming elected President of CTIF International in 2020, Mr Dubravac served as Vice President since 2015.

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Taina HanhihoskiTaina Hanhikoski - Finland

Ms Hanhikoski works as an Senior Specialist on International Affairs at The Finnish National Rescue Association, SPEK, and has been one of the main administrative forces behind the implementation of ISO 17840 in Finland.  She also serves as a vice president of CTIF International and is the CTIF coordinator in Finland as well as the secretary of the Finnish National CTIF Committee. 

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Michel GentilleauMichel Gentilleau - France

Mr Gentilleau has been conducting practical research on vehicle extrication and safe operations involving vehicle fires especially as they pertain to new vehicle types and alternative fuels. He has created a Vehicle Intervention Handbook available in several languages and is the organizer of the popular extrication fair Technical Days. 


Natalie de BackerNatalie de Backer - Belgium

Ms de Backer is the head of the Firefighting Center of Expertise in Brussels and also the secretary of the CTIF National Committee in Belgium. She has been overseeing the implementation work for ISO 17840 in Belgium and has worked in close cooperation with Belgian authority and with industry. 


Mikko Saastamoinen, Firefighter of the Year in Finland 2020Mikko Saastamoinen - Finland

Mikko Saastamoinen of the South Karelian Rescue Department is an active member of the CTIF Commission for Extrication & New Technology.

He was awarded Firefighter of the Year 2020 in Finland, partly for his efforts to launch the implementation of the new CTIF - ISO 17840 standard for vehicle rescue in Finland. 



CTIF Staff / Contractor: 

Björn UlfssonBjörn Ulfsson - Canada / Sweden

Mr Ulfsson is the Communications Coordinator for CTIF and also serves as the secretary of the CTIF ISO implementation Work Group. His background is journalistic. He served as a senior video producer for the  Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB.se) during 2008 - 2014 where he produced and extensive portfolio of educational video material for firefighters. In 2018 he also helped coordinate the production of many of the ISO symbols from the original drawings by Kurt Vollmacher.

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Zoom meeting with the ISO Implementation Group
The CTIF ISO Implementation Group meeting online in spring 2021.


Bus with ISO compliant stickers to identify propulsion source