From the second monthly Zoom discussions with Women in Fire & Rescue Services
Online. Time: To Be Announced!
26 Apr 2021

Women in Fire & Rescue: Monthly Virtual Panel Discussions


The CTIF Commission for Women in Fire & Rescue are meeting participants from around the world on every last Monday of each month to share and discuss in the form of panel discussions.

Discussions revolve around topics involving women in the fire service. Examples could be racial issues, gender questions, bullying in the workplace, equality, maternity / paternity leave, and other topics relating to the Commission´s general agenda. 

The first meeting was held on March 29, 2021, and the second on April 26.

The topic for the first meeting was "Physical Tests for entry into the fire service", how the tests reflect women´s (and mens´) true capacity in a holistic and allround way, and how they differ in different countries. 

The topic for the second meeting revolved around maternity leave and about the right to modified work during pregnancy. 

The third meeting will take place on May 31 and the topic will be "Menopause and how it affects women in the fire services".

The fourth meeting will be on June 28, unless otherwise announced. 

These monthly meetings are being arranged by Anik S:t Pierre from the Montreal Fire Service. They are not in place of the Commission´s regular meetings, but rather a compliment meant to be less formal. Participants are often invited guests from outside of the commission. The format is not based on lectures, but rather on sharing experiences and discussing differences in various countries, and comparing various strategies to address the issues being discussed.

The panel discussions are by invitation only. There is limited space available, however those interested in participating are welcome to contact the chair of the Commission  - Mira Leinonen. 


WIFS Monthly Online Panel Discussions: 

Language: English

Frequency: Every last Monday of every Month (until further notice)

Time of day: Varies

Topics for each new meeting is decided together at the end of the meeting