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Photo from the forest fire commission meeting on September 17, 2018
Nimes, France
15 Jan 2019

March: Forest Fire Commission Meeting in Nimes, France during the Aerial Firefighting Conference

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CTIF~ Forest Fire Commission:
Vice president of CTIF Ante Sanader:


Dear colleagues ,

I hereby invite you to participate on the CTIF forest-fires commission 's meeting in Nimes on March 2019. in Nimes, France , and the Aerial Firefighting Conference 2019 from 19th to 20th March 2019. , also in Nimes , France.

In the attached files you will find the:

1. Agenda of the meeting
2. Registration form

The meeting will begin on March 2151 at 8:30 in Nimes and will end at the same day till noon.

Before the meeting you are invited to take part on the Aerial Firefighting Conference 2019 from I 9th to 20th March 2019., also in Nimes , France without paying the participation fee.

The conference lasts each day from 9:00 till 17:00 h. To participate on the CTIF Forest Fires Commission and on the conference Members should only fill in the attached registration form. Details of the conference you can read on: https ://www.aerial-firefighting-europe.com/

The address of the accommodation is:

Logis Jes Aubuns country hotel
D442 - Route de Garons., 30132 Caissargues

Telephone : 04 66 70 10 44
info@lesaubuns .com

The Price per night is €99, breakfast €11. Please register for accommodation with the hotel directly,  as soon as possible.

Furthermore, the French Firefighting Association will set up shuttles if people arrive by plane in Marseille Provence or by rail (Aix TGV).

We suggest: Arrival on 18.3.2019., departure on 21.3.2019. afternoon or 22.3.2019.

Meals need to be payed by the participants during the event!

Please send the filled registration form to Mrs. Sylvie GIRAUD!: s.giraudi@valabre.com
and to Mario Starcevic (mario.starcevic@hvz.hr ) no later than January 15, 2019.