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Bled, Slovenia
23 Feb 2016

Fire Safe Accommodation Conference

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Slovenian Fire Protection Association is organizing an international Fire Safe Accommodation Conference (http://www.safe-accommodation.eu/) that will take place on March 31 to April 1 2016 in Bled, Slovenia. Conference focus groups are hotel managers, tourist workers, authorities having jurisdiction and fire brigades.

Fire safety  in hotels and other accommodation facilities is important. Accommodation facilities might include everything from hotel rooms or apartments in hotels, private homes,  tourist farms, B&B’s, etc.  Guests should be appropriately informed ahead of time about any potential hazards and how safely and promptly leave the building in case of emergency.  Tourists may include persons with disabilities and/or restrictions which might slow down or even prevent the safe evacuation of a building. Therefore, the host is responsible to provide a safe exit in case of fire or other incident.
During the conference, experts from Germany, Ireland, Italy, Serbia, Sweden, United Kingdom,  and Slovenia,  will present a variety of topics listed above. Conference will be a perfect opportunity for meeting experts from various countries and exchange of experiences.

Webpage of the conference: http://www.safe-accommodation.eu/