CTIFs Dennis Davies & UL global fire director Bob James
01 Mar 2018

UL partners with new IFT testing facility in Germany


CTIF special adviser Dennis Davis and UL global fire director Bob James met on Tuesday at the opening of the new European state of the art test facility in Rosenheim,  Germany as the testing facility celebrated a grand opening on 27 February 2018.


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By Bjorn Ulfsson /  CTIF NEWS

UL and IFT Rosenheim offer manufacturers of building elements and building materials tests for fire behavior, fire and smoke resistance, fire spread, flammability and further product characteristics from one single source.

"The key elements here are the range and size of the furnaces and rig construction facilities, the fact that burn products on this site are totally contained makes it environmentally secure, and perhaps most important, the synergy with IFT offers technical research that can makes the facility able to accomodate most global standards", CTIF special adviser Dennis Davis said to CTIF NEWS after the event.


The following test equipment is available:

1. Furnaces for fire resistance:
a. 8m wide x 5m high for doors, dampers, glazing,
firestopping, facades and more
b. 5m wide x 5m high for doors, dampers, glazing,
firestopping, facades and more
c. 4m wide x 5m long for testing load-bearing beams,
floors, roofs, ducts and dampers

d. 3m high x 3m wide loaded and unloaded column
e. 2m deep x 1.5m wide x 1.5m high testing for horizontal
and vertical testing of walls, floors, firestopping and more
2. Web-based video equipment for worldwide video
transmission of tests
3. Reactions to fire tests including the single burning item
(SBI test)
4. Smoke protection
5. Durability testing up to 9m x 5m sizes of doorsets
6. 9,5m wide x 7,5m high curtain wall testing for air
permeability, water tightness, wind loads up to 6000 pa
as well as climatic loads


For more information, see attached data sheet below


UL and IFT