Screenshot from the You Tube video featured in the article.
21 Mar 2021

Icelandic fire services concerned about dangerous "volcano tourism"


" There is dangerous lava, not a lot of daylight and it takes several hours to hike into the aera... people are poorly equipped."

People from all over the world are travelling to Iceland to watch the volcanic eruption on the Reykjanes peninsula. Rescue services at the scene are worried about the  visitors are being poorly equipped and unaware what great hazards they face.

On Friday night, the ground at Mount Fagradalsfjall opened near the capital Reykjavik and the volcanic area erupted. The outbreak in Iceland is still going on, and seismologist fear the volcano could continue being active for years, or even decades.

The more spectacular the eruptions become, the more people want to see it. 

"It is fantastic, absolutely fantastic. I decided to learn to research volcanoes when I was a little child and now I finally get to see one with my own eyes",  Stefano Manza, who studies volcanology in Italy,  said in interviews onsite with Swedish Television on Sunday. 

Steinar Thor Kristinsson, at Grindavik's Rescue Service, is worried something could happen to the visitors, who keep getting very close to the molten lava. The situation can change without notice and the molten lava can move very quickly. 

"Many people who go there are very poorly equipped and it is a difficult situation... it is dark and the hike takes several hours. Some people don´t realize what they are getting themselves into", he says.