Ford Pickup on Fire
06 Sep 2018

Millions of trucks recalled because seat belts are starting fires


Ford has issued a recall for approximately 2 million examples of the popular pick up truck F-150. The problems is with the seat belts being prone to causing fires in the B-pillar.

The issue lies with the seat belt pre-tensioners, which are responsible for holding the belts taut during a collision. When the pre-tensioners deploy, they might generate "excessive sparks," according to Ford. The pre-tensioners also let off gas when they activate, and the sparks might cause the gas to ignite within the vehicle's B-pillar. If that happens, the material behind the B-pillar could catch on fire.

Ford has learned of 17 reports of smoke or fire in the US and six in Canada, but the company says it´s not aware of any injuries or accidents related to the problem.


Ford 150