The  fires in California captured by a Russian cosmonaut on August 7, 2018.
17 Nov 2018

Death toll in California increasing: 71 dead and more than 1000 missing


More than 1,000 people are missing from the forest fires in California. The number of confirmed dead is now up to 71.

The fire in northern California - called Camp Fire - is the deadliest in the history of the state. During Saturday morning, European time, the number of confirmed deaths had increased to 71 and the number of missing people was 1,010, states NBC News.

The death toll may rise further.

"We are still actively committed to trying to find human remains, and that's something we've captured," said Kory Honea, a sheriff in Butte County, according to NBC.

Parallel with the Camp Fire fire, another fire rages in the gorges around Malibu, west of Los Angeles. It's called the Woolsey fire and has so far cost three people's lives.

The great fires has so far destroyed 9,844 residential buildings, 336 offices and 2076 other buildings. The city of Paradise has in principle been erased form the Earth´s surface.

In this image: (Above)  Cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev posted this photo of the California wildfires, as seen from the International Space Station, on Twitter on Aug. 7, 2018.