A mobile phone photo of the burning 5000 pound propane tank.
25 Feb 2023

A 5000 pound propane bottle caught fire near highway - first responders created a one mile evacuation zone


A delivery truck carrying a 5000 pound (2268 kg) bottle of propane collided with a personal vehicle. The propane bottle caught fire and emergency crews saw no other choice than to let the propane burn off.

According to an article on KMVT News, shared through an e-mail list issued by the NFPA, a large propane delivery truck and a van collided near the Minidoka County Fairgrounds in the city of Rupert in the United States on Wednesday February 22.

The accident happened at the intersection of Hwy. 25 and 200-East Baseline in Rupert at around 11 a.m. 

Slippery driving conditions from snow and ice caused a passenger van to collide with the semi truck carrying the propane bottle.

The 5 thousand-pound propane tank rolled off the road and caught fire. Multiple fire and rescue units responded, as well as the Minidoka County Sheriff and Idaho State Police.

According to the article, all that fire crews could do was wait for the propane to burn off before they could attempt any salvage from the scene. 

As a precaution,  residents within a mile (1,6 kms) radius of the crash were evacuated. The roadway was blocked for approximately three hours while crews worked to clear the scene.