Hydrogen response training. Photo by CTIF France
03 Feb 2020

CTIF and partners begin a European project to train first responders on hydrogen safety


The HyResponder project will develop and implement a sustainable “train the trainer” programme

Responding firefighters will through HyResponder be provided with hydrogen specific safety training and European wide guidance for responders. The 3-year project will develop operational and educational training, including virtual reality, in hydrogen safety for first responders and CTIF is involved in seeking to establish a Pan-European network of responder trainers.


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The €1m project will be coordinated by Ulster University. Funded jointly by the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH 2
JU) under the EU Horizon 2020 research programme for 3 years. 

Starting at its kick off meeting held in Belfast UK 21-22 January 2020 the project will underpin the improvement of resilience and preparedness through enhanced emergency planning, intervention tactics and strategy by developing first responder skills for
appropriate accident management and recovery.

The importance and need for this programme is underlined by the increasing use of hydrogen as a fuel and the requirement to understand how its properties differ from conventional fuels.

Trainers from at least 10 different European countries will attend a bespoke course in hydrogen safety and transmit that knowledge back to their home countries.

This work will inform the European Emergency Response Guide (ERG) and will incorporate state of the art intervention strategies and tactics which will be used to aid first responders involved in hydrogen incidents across the globe.

The CTIF  International Association of Fire and Rescue Services representative is Dennis Davis, special adviser to the CTIF Executive Committee and a member of the UK national committee the Fire sector Federation.


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The Comité Technique International de prévention et d’extinction du Feu (CTIF) was formed in 1900 in Paris France. www.ctif.org

The Fire Sector Federation was formed in London UK in 2011.


Contact: Dennis Davis executive@firesectorfederation.co.uk


HyResponder group photo

Some of the partners involved in the HyResponder Project. Photo by Ulster University.