Tokyo skyline with Tokyo Skytree. Photo: Wikipedia Commons
18 Oct 2018

Wrong components used in Japan´s highrise earthquake protection plan - company admits fault


A Japanese company that manufactures components to make buildings resistant to earthquakes has admitted that it was lying about its products, according to local authorities. However, there should no risk to the security of the buildings, certifies the same authority.

The equipment in question is a system of "shock absorbers" using oil as a lubricant. It is used in nearly 1,000 buildings in the country. Among the buildings that have the system installed are Tokyo Skytree,  634 meters tall and thereby one of the world's tallest buildings, as well as Tokyo's city hall.

All faulty parts of the building must be replaced as soon as possible and an explanation of the incorrect information must be given, is the City of Tokyo´s requirements.

Japan is at the intersection of four continental fault line plates, and a number of major earthquakes every yearstrikes the country. Thanks to strict building rules and control measurements by the authorities, the damage from the earthquakes have been - for the most part - been minimized.


Photo Above: Tokyo skyline with Tokyo Skytree. Photo: Wikipedia Commons