Szymon Kokot is the host of the webinar video "Cancer in the Fire Services 3".
06 Apr 2023

Webinar video: "Cancer in the Fire Services"


The cfbt.pl Foundation recently held a 5 hour seminar in English and Polish about Cancer in the Fire Services. We publish here the list of speakers and topics, with time codes for the recorded video. 

The aim of the conference was to comprehensively discuss the issues of cancer in the fire services: from legal conditions, through threats and prevention, to the health care system and supporting activities.

Please view through our embedded video below, or directly on the cfbt.pl Foundation YouTube page.  

The conference speakers are entities and specialists in many fields, including foreign speakers. 

This was the third Multidisciplinary International Conference on Cancer in the Fire Services, first held in connection to the World Cancer Day.

This time the event was premiered on YouTube on the 4th of APRIL 2023. The webinar video is hosted by Szymot Kokot.

Because the event was aimed at a Polish and an international audience,  the host is speaking in both English and Polish, one after another during the intermissions. Presenters speaking in Polish  have English subtitles embedded into the video.  


Speakers List:

00:00:00 INTRODUCTION - Szymon Kokot / cfbt.pl Foundation

00:01:44 foreword - Bartłomiej Mickiewicz - Chairman of KSP NSZZ Solidarność

00:04:58 foreword - Marcin Kuźmiński - President of cfbt.pl Foundation

00:12:03 Prof. Anna Stec / Firefighters and their health

00:26:45 Prof. Anna Rabajczyk / Emission of nanoparticles during combustion processes and their impact on human health

00:53:12 Dr Gavin Horn / Hierarchy of contamination controls in the Fire Service

01:26:05 Dr. Małgorzata Szewczyńska & Dr. Eng. Sylwia Krzemińska / Contamination of firefighter's special clothing with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

01:42:57 Capt. Piotr Piątek / Firefighters' special clothing as a secondary source of air pollution

02:12:44 Alex Forrest / Directions for legal and organisational changes in cancer prevention for firefighters worldwide

02:26:26 Trailer of the documentary film "BURNED"

02:30:14 Riccardo la Torre / Activities of the Fire Brigades Union in the UK in the field of cancer prevention

02:49:26 Szymon Kokot / An overview of firefighter cancer awareness and prevention activities in Poland

03:48:06 Filip Mazurek / My story of victory over cancer

04:04:50 Grzegorz Hensler / You have rescue in your blood

04:22:15 Michal Motyka / Firefighter's health is the basis of rescue operations

04:51:19 Summary - Szymon Kokot / cfbt.pl

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