Tommy Baekgaard Kjaer
10 Nov 2018

"We are all in this together - the toxins in the smoke don´t come knocking on your helmet to ask if you are getting paid to put out fires or not"


Tommy Baekgaard Kjaer ended the Brussels Seminar with a powerful lecture on Healthy Firefighters - occupational cancers, PTSDs, CO-contamination and Best Practices for De-Con after fires and legislation around cleaning gear.

Mr Kjaer has been the Chair of the CTIF Firefighters Health Commission since 2019. 

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Wise words from a passionate man who cares about the health of firefighters around the world. Thank you Tommy for concluding ”Fire, Rescue & New Challenges with a great inspirational workshop!

Tommy Baekgaard Kjaer is closely working with Alex Forest in Winnipeg, Canada, who has previously been invited to lecture on this topic at a gathering of the CTIF in Finland 2016.

Stay tuned to CTIF.org for the full length one hour lecture on this important topic.


Participants from 18 countries!

The CTIF seminar "Fire, Rescue & New Challenges", although in many ways arranged a bit "last minute", turned out to be a great success and was an appreciated renewed tradition within CTIF. Given that these types of seminars have not been arranged within the organization for a few years, it was with great satisfaction for the CTIF Executive Board and the Center of Expertise in Belgium (the latter which arranged the Seminar) to see so many enthusiastic participants from so many countries come to Brussels for the weekend.

The countries represented on the Seminar, aside from Belgium, were:

- The Netherlands

- Luxemburg

- Germany

- France

- Sweden

- Norway

- Denmark

- Iceland

- Slovenia

- Slovakia

- Czech Republic

- Ukraine

- Finland

 - Croatia

- United Kingdom

- Austria

- Canada



Tommy Kjaer