Map of the region affected by the landslide
05 Jan 2021

Seven dead in Norway landslide - more victims expected to be found by SAR teams


It was around 04.00 am local time on the morning of December 30th that the police were alerted that a landslide had occurred in central Ask, in Gjerdrum municipality, about 20 km north of Oslo.

Several buildings and vehicles were dragged down the mountain side. The landslide hit an area of 300 X 700 meters  (980 to 2300 feet). 900 people living on or close to the site were immediately evacuated, as more landslides were expected.

Initially, 14 buildings were affected by the landslide, but during the afternoon, another 3 houses collapsed. The police also stated that 10 people with an address in the area have not yet been located. Among them are several children, stated the Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang. 


Drones and helicopters

Due to the continued risk of landslides, the epicenter of the landslide area could initially only be investigated by helicopter and drones with thermal cameras. The search was made even more difficult by the lack of daylight and bad weather.

Ten people were initially injured due to the landslide, one of them seriously injured. However, there were initially no reports of any deaths.

It was days later that the first victims were discovered under the rubble. Today, six days later, seven people have been confirmed dead and three are still missing. 

This is one of the largest mud landslides in Norway ever to have occured, in terms of  "the number of houses involved and the number of evacuees," the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) said in a statement.