CTIF Delegates Assembly 2016
26 Sep 2016

Report from CTIF Delegates Assembly 2016 in Helsinki


CTIF Delegates Assembly, 8 September, 2016 – Helsinki, Finland

First of all we want to thank our Finnish colleagues for arranging such well organized and interesting days in the sunny and beautiful city of Helsinki.

New members

One of the highlights from the DA was welcoming two new member countries, Iran and The republic of Korea.

Again, a big welcome to both countries. As of now we are 38 member countries working together.

The number of Associate Members increases steadily and it was our pleasure to announce that seven new Associate Members have joined CTIF since the DA in Zagreb last year.

Best Practice Procedure

This year the Best Practice Procedure Award went to Jan Jorissen and Eddy Goosens for producing a manual about how to work to get higher levels of safety during (rescue) efforts in connection with pipelines. Congratulations to both recipients for excellent work on a very important issue.


Mr. Tore Eriksson was re-elected as president of CTIF. Mr. Marc Mamer was elected as new treasurer.

Mr. Mamer will officially take over as treasurer in January 2017. We thank Mr Wehrli for his services to CTIF through the years and

welcome Mr. Mamer in his new role.

Both Mr. Eriksson and Mr. Mamer were elected by a unanimous Delegates Assembly.


Villach, Austria 2017

The CTIF DA 2017 will take place in Villach, Austria in connection with the 16th Fire Brigade Competitions. The Austrian delegation gave a presentation of the plans for next year and we arelooking forward to the event.

The future looks bright

The Delegates Assembly and the symposium reflected the wealth of knowledge within our organisation. A lot of hard work is carried out in the commissions and working groups and the results are often ground breaking. We would like to thank everyone for your participation and contributions to CTIF.