An aggressive wildfire in Osoyoos, British Columbia in May 2019. Photo by BC Wildfire services.
21 May 2019

The north is burning: Wildfire season has now also hit Western Canada


We have previously reported on Scotlands, Norway´s and Sweden´s recent problems with a strike of premature wildfire season affecting many areas earlier this May. Now, uncontrollable wildfires are starting to burn also in the Western Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia.

Wildfire season seems to be starting earlier and earlier. We´re not  even officially in summer, but after an unusually dry spring, and a recent heat wave, the month of May is already seeing evacuations being carried out due to uncontrollable wildfires in Western Canada.

The hamlet of Marlboro in central Alberta and nearby homes were being evacuated Sunday as an out-of-control wildfire encroached on the community.

RCMP said homes were being evacuated on both the north and south sides of Highway 16, as several homes were at risk.

The wildfire jumped the highway, the  police unit RCMP said, and was burning on both sides.

Fire are also burning in Osoyoos, BC, and Alta.

Residents in the town of High Level in Alberta were on Monday also being told to prepare for an evacuation order of at least 72 hours.


Smoke fills the sky from a wildfire near Marlboro, Alta. ( Stephanie Pollard)

Smoke fills the sky from a wildfire near Marlboro, Alta. ( Stephanie Pollard)