A graphic of a heavy transport truck tunnel fire. Graphic by MSB / Mikael Karlsson
18 Jul 2019

New Tunnel Firefighting Working Group starting up in October


The newly started CTIF Tunnel Fire Working Group will have their first meeting during the third week of October. The Working Group will deal with the specific problems of fires in confined spaces such as tunnels and other underground structures. Some of the same problems and challenges can also be applied to high rises and other difficult structures.

The new working group will likely be chaired by Norway. Currently, vice president Ole Hansen will call the group together, however he will hand over the Chair position after the first official meeting.

The actual dates are not confirmed yet, only that it will take place during week 43, which is towards the end of October, 2019.

The meeting place is currently set to Norway because of the proximity to several interesting tunnels, however, because of the Ostrava CTIF Seminar taking place during the same week, there may be a discussion about the location being changed to the Czech Republic.

More information will follow in August! 


              Start up meeting – Haugesund – Norway.


                             Week 43 – 2019.

Day 1.

  • Welcome Haugesund and Kiwa, Avaldsnes.
  • Presentations participants.
  • Norway road tunnels and challenges.
  • Karmøy tunnel. Surveillance, ventilation,

Emergency plan.

  • Inspection Karmøy tunnel.
  • Dinner in the evening.


Day 2.

  • Departure by bus to Stavanger.
  • Presentation Norway Tunnel Safety Cluster.
  • How does a CTIF working group work. In general and especially this group.
  • Bus to Ryfast. Inspection and info about Ryfast/Rogfast tunnels.



Detailed information will follow in August.