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24 Apr 2018

Machine Generated Automatic Translations

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Automatic Translation ChoicesIn order to better reach our non English speaking members, we have added an automatic translation service to ctif.org. The service is powered by Google Translate and works best with larger languages.

Currently, we have 30 languages, which represent the languages among our national membership base.

Please note that Automatic Translations do not translate attached files, like PDFs or Word-documents. 

Automatic translations are never perfect, but day by day, they are getting better and better. Often it is possible still understand the general meaning, even if some words or expressions get translated wrong.

A small group has tested the service in the larger languages like French, German and Spanish, and we have found it to be fairly accurate in most cases.

The service seems to work less accurate in smaller languages like Swedish, Norwegian,  Slovenian, etc. However, for a non English speaker, we can hope it will be better than nothing and will contribute to spreading information about CTIF and knowledge about Fire & Rescue where CTIF.org currently does not have readers.

It is still needing to be determined how well the service is working in Russian and large languages other than the ones mentioned.

If you or someone in your organization has input, please don´t hesitate to contact the CTIF Communications Group, the President, or the CTIF Ljubljana Office.


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Please help to spread the news about this service among co-workers, friends and on social media, in the words of your language!


CTIF.org on a cell phone using automatic translations for German

The President also wants to inform all users of CTIF that the web page - and the translation feature - works well on mobiles / cell phones and tablets.

The site is a modern "responsive web page" and doesn´t require clicking on a mobile version, but adapts automatically to the size of the users screen.

Therefor, it can also adapt to the kinds of smaller, portable lap top screens users may be using in the field.

You can try this on your computer screen as well, by simply making your browser window smaller or larger.


CTIF.org on a cell phone using automatic translations for German
CTIF.org on a cell phone using automatic translations for German.


Automatic Translation Disclaimers:



Please be aware this translation is generated by Google.To ensure the information yourea  d is correct, please refer to the original article in English.



Vielen Dank, dass Sie sich für Automatische Übersetzung entschieden haben. Bitte beach-
ten Sie, dass diese Übersetzung von Googl e generiert wird. Um sicherzustellen, dass dievon Ihnen gelesenen Informationen korrekt sind, lesen Sie den Originalartikel auf Englisch.



Merci d'avoir choisi la traduction automatique. S'il vous plaît être conscient que cette traduction est générée par Google. Pour vousassurer que les informations que vous lisezsont correctes, veuillez vous référer à l'article
original en anglais.