Gunnar Haurum
27 Jun 2018

Lifetime of Honour Tribute to Gunnar Haurum, President of CTIF 1989 - 1997


Gunnar HaurumGunnar Haurum, Honorary President of CTIF, has sadly passed away at the age of 89. CTIF would like to extend an official Final Farewell and thank Mr. Haurum for his service to CTIF and the firefighting community in Denmark and worldwide.

The chairman of Danish CTIF, Executive Director Lars Rosenwanger, states:

"It is with sorrow grief and deep sadness that I have received the message about Gunnar Haurum's passing away.

We have lost the man who, by his diligence, inspiration and education  created the foundation on which the present Danish fire departments are based. Through Gunnar Haurum's standardization of equipment, development of tactics and education, standards and fire prevention, Danish firefighting became professional in the post-war years and we are many who are personally in debt to him for the education we received at the National Fire School.


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By: Deputy Director Lars Rosenwanger, chairman of Danish CTIF

Gunnar Haurum also engaged in international work: he was the chairman of Danish CTIF from 1975 to 1989 and CTIF World President from 1989 to 1997, after which he was appointed honorary president.

During his term of office, CTIF established the "World Fire Statistics", which is are the most reliable statistics for the world's fire service year after year, and in the same years CTIF established the HAZMAT Commission and the History Commission in which Denmark continues to participate.

Therefore, it is no wonder that when we meet in an international CTIF context, Gunnar Haurum´s name is always mentioned.

 Only 14 days ago I met with one of the Irish incident commanders who graduated from the National Virum Fire School at Virum after Gunnar Haurums participation in the Stardust Tribunal. The Tribunal's recommendations formed the basis for a total reorganization of Ireland's fire prevention and fire service, following the catastrophic fire at the Stardust disco in Dublin in 1981, where 48 young people died and hundreds more were injured.

Gunnar Haurum's significance for Danish as well as international fire services cannot be overestimated. Therefore I expect us to be many who will follow him on his Last Journey at Ny Holte Church on Tuesday the 3rd of July at 14:00.

Glory be to Gunnar Haurum's memory!"


CTIF special adviser Dennis Davis from Chester (Manchester area, UK) also remembers Gunnar Haurum warmly, and recalls the book project "100 Years of CTIF", mostly written by Gunnar Haurum in the late 90s:

"Gunnar did lead the history project gathering details, anecdotes and photographs about CTIF history, a project which concluded by publishing the book - A copy of which was then given to all national members at a special event held in Hannover City Hall to celebrate the CTIF centenary", Davis recalls.

"He was also present in the UK in 1986 when I became President of the Institution of Fire Engineers and gave at the formal dinner to four hundred UK and international guests an address on the importance of sharing knowledge and experience. This the closing of a CTIF chapter".

In the near future, we are hoping to digitize and re-publish Gunnar Haurum´s book 100 Years of CTIF here on CTIF.org.