Header screen shot from the document on how to use the EuroRescue app
23 Jun 2020

Guide for how to use the Euro Rescue app


This open-access app will be available in 4 languages (English, French, Spanish, German) initially, then in 22 languages by 2022.

It will enable the rescue services to get the rescue sheet of the vehicle concerned from the scene of an intervention for road rescue or vehicle fire. The number of rescue sheets currently available is more than 2000.

The database of these rescue sheets will be supported by EuroNCap. This organisation will include in its scoring criteria, from 2020 onwards, the delivery by car manufacturers of the rescue sheets of the vehicles tested.

The search for rescue sheets will initially be carried out by the vehicle model/mark and by reading the QR code (QR code placed) on certain vehicles.

This application will progressively integrate the rescue sheets in an ISO format. These rescue sheets will include, in addition to the usual verso (location of equipment impacting the rescue services), a maximum of 3 pages of information that could help the rescue services in their decision making.




The decision support will focus on the following topics:

- energy identification,

- immobilisation / stabilisation of the vehicle,

- energy isolation,

- instructions in the event of a vehicle fire

- instructions in case of leaks (gas, electrolyte...)


*Currently available rescue sheets for older vehicles are not always ISO-Compliant and not always supplied by the vehicle manufacturer in multiple languages.