28 Mar 2024

Forest fire in East Tyrol successfully extinguished: Six hectares affected


According to the Austrian fire brigade, the operation proved challenging due to the extensive clear-cut areas in the forests of East Tyrol, but the fire has since been extinguished. Four helicopters and close to 200 firefighters were involved in the operation.

A forest fire in Sillian, Austria led to a major operation by the fire brigades. Between 170 and 180 firefighters battled the flames since Friday afternoon ( March 22) which had spread across six hectares during timber harvesting activities. Four helicopters were deployed on Saturday morning, stated Franz Brunner, district fire inspector of Lienz.

He assured that houses were not in danger. The cause of the fire was still unknown. By the afternoon, the fire had largely been brought under control and was eventually extinguished at 5:17 p.m., as reported by the police.

Six hectares of forest were affected by the fire.

Some residential areas and individual farms are located on Sillian Mountain, it was mentioned. "If the fire had spread in the wrong direction, it could have ended badly," Brunner remarked. Due to safety reasons, firefighting operations had to be interrupted during the night. The fire flared up again during the night.

According to Brunner, the operation proved difficult due to the extensive clear-cut areas in the forests of East Tyrol. After severe natural events, the bark beetle had infested the area. Additionally, emerging winds could have reignited the fire, said the district fire inspector.


Photo Credit: Flickr Commons License

When Slovenia requested EU support for fires in the Gorica region on 20th of July 2022, the EU coordinated 3 firefighting planes from Romania, 5 helicopters from Austria, Croatia, Slovakia and Serbia, and a Croatian ground firefighting team with fire engines.

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