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Latvian firefighters catch a suicidal jumper in a fall from the fourth floor. Screen dump from the fire service´video.
05 Jun 2018

Firefighter catches man falling from fourth floor in Latvia

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Incredible video images show Latvian firemen catching a person falling from a apartment building. Now, the rescue intervention is receiving praise by politicians.

A video clip from Latvian rescue service shows how firefighters are able to save a person jumping from the fourth floor, writes British The Daily Express.

The firemen realized that there was a risk of scaring the suicidal person if they entered the apartment and therefore chose to step into the room below.

In this way, the team could catch the falling person from the window on the third floor after the person jumped. In the clip, we can see how one firefighter is about to get involved in the fall when catching the jumper, but remains in a firm grip by his colleague.

After the release of the clip, the rescue workers intervention has been acclaimed by Latvian politicians. They have suggested that the savors be praised with a special award. Thanks to the firefighter's quick rescue plan, the suicidal person could be pulled into security immediately after the case.

A spokesperson for the Latvian Fire Service said: “During the weekend we received a call to a multi-apartment building where there was a suspicion that a person was going to jump from a fourth-floor window.”

The quick thinking fire crew did not want to spook the man by approaching him directly which could trigger a fall so they entered the flat below and prepared to try and catch him  - if he fell.

Since the video has been released,  the fireman has been praised by politicians who have called for him to receive an award.

Minister Oskars Abolins who is responsible for the fire service said: “This underlines the courage and the bravery of those working in our firefighting service and their ability to think outside the box which on this occasion resulted in saving the life of a human being.

Another politician was quick to praise the “special” rescue which “saved a life”.

Interior Minister Rihards Kozlovskis, said: "Being a rescuer is something special.

“It takes courage, professionalism and the ability to act decisively in complex and often non-standard situations. I'm proud of the two rescuers who saved a life.”