CTIF exctursion in the burned forest of Campion del Fiore. Photo: Tore Eriksson
18 Sep 2018

Excursion to the burned forest of Campio dei Fiore marked end of Forest Fire Commission´s 1st day



The CTIF Forest Fire Commission - with 19 delegates from 13 countries - marked the end of their first meeting day on Monday with an excursion to Campio dei Fiore, the Swiss national park mountain side that was involved in a forest fire last Autumn.


Text, Photo & Video: CTIF President Tore Eriksson


Presentation about the fire in the national park


Campo del FioreThere was also a detailed presentation about the extension and the parameters of the fire that occurred in the region of Lombardia, Switzerland, in September-October of 2017.

The Forest Fire Commission is having their meeting right now in Ticino - Lugano, Switzerland.

19 Delegates from 13 Countries are currently now discussing the way forward, the challenge of Climate Change and the changing circumstances for Forest Fire Fighting.

Very interesting presentations and discussions are taking place. Further reports will be published later this week.

Ante Sanader, CTIF Vice President & Tore Eriksson, CTIF President.


View over Lago Maggiore. Photo: Tore Eriksson

View over Lago Maggiore. Photo: Tore Eriksson