Screenshot of the Independents video of the London double decker electric bus on fire.
12 Mar 2024

Electric double decker buses pulled off the streets of London after fire


A double-decker electric bus in London ignited into flames during the early hours of Thursday morning (January 11), with witnesses describing a significant explosion reports The Independent , who also has video of the incident.  

The incident led to commuter chaos during rush hour in Wimbledon's central area when the bus caught fire at approximately 7:20 am.

A local resident recounted, "We heard a massive bang. It was truly frightening," to reporters.

Footage captured at the scene depicts billowing smoke and intense flames enveloping the bus while emergency services swiftly respond.

Authorities confirmed that fortunately, there were no injuries, but cautioned drivers to steer clear of the affected area.

According to a spokesperson from Scotland Yard, "Police received reports of a bus ablaze at Wimbledon Hill and Alwyne Road, SW19, at 7:23 am on Thursday, January 11. No injuries were reported."

During rush hour in Wimbledon, passengers aboard the bus had to be evacuated, but BBC News reported no injuries. Video footage on Fox Business.com from the incident reveals flames and smoke engulfing the rear section of the bus.

"Safety is our top priority and we are working with the operator, London General, and the bus manufacturer, Switch, to investigate what happened," Transport for London’s head of business development Tom Cunnington said in a statement, the BBC reported.

"Other buses in the fleet remain in service and TfL and bus operators will not hesitate to take further action if required to ensure the network remains safe," he said. 

Go-Ahead London told the BBC it has "withdrawn the vehicle type in question."


According to Wikipedia, as of 2023, there are 950 battery electric buses in London,with the world's first battery electric double decker bus entering service in 2015.



Photo Credit: Still screenshot captured from the Fox Business news video linked to above. Actual footage from a private phone camera.