CTIF Games 2019 in Martigny, Wednesday July 17th.
18 Jul 2019

Delegates Assembly and CTIF Games Week has started in Martigny


VIDEO: On Thursday, the Official CTIF "Olympics" Youth Games were held in Martigny! 

Click here for the agenda of the Delegates Assembly on Friday July 19  

On Wednesday, the day before the competition, another official training was held in Martigny. The training was held in a similar manner as the actual competition. Teams from all over Europe arrived already on Sunday for the Official Opening in the centre of Martigny.

On Monday, July 15, 2019, the first official training began. Each team carried out an exercise with obstacles and squatting, and practiced the tools, the equipment and experienced the Olympic atmosphere.

After the training, at 18.30, in the center of Martigny, the official opening ceremony of the olympics started with the passage of the participating countries, the raising of the flag and the lighting of the Olympic fire. Then followed the firework, and after the Olympic teams were photographed.