Delegates watching the CTIF Seminar 2024 on June 19, 2024
19 Jun 2024

CTIF Seminar 2024 with a focus on forest fires and drones held in Oslo


CTIF Seminar 2024nin Oslo


A CTIF Seminar - with a focus on forest fires and drones - has been held in Oslo on June 19, 2024. A total of 87 delegates at Delegates Assembly. 

The event was opening by welcoming words by the Chair of CTIF Norway, Ole Hansen, followed by an introduction by CTIF President Milan Dubravac. 

87 delegates from Norway and around the world was present at the CTIF Seminar. The CTIF Seminar started on Wednesday morning in Oslo. 

A photo gallery from the seminar is provided below!


Photos by Terri Casella / BT Video Productions Ltd / CTIF. 


CTIF President Milan Dubravac and Direktion EU project coordinator Fanny Verilhak. The first presentation was on the EU project Direktion - Disaster Resilliance Knowledge Network - in which CTIF has a large stake, promoting  innovation, technology uptake and multi stakeholder cooperation

The presentation on Direktion was held by Fanny Verilhak. 

The second presentation during the morning was held by Torgrim Log from the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, about the two largest fires in Norway in the last 100 years - what drove the spread and what we have learned from them. 

Spanish scientific study of Norwegian forest fires

The third presentation before the break was by Sverre Hogstad, who held a very interesting presentation about the drone program in the Norwegian fire services.   

The fourth presentation,  after the break, was Pedro Sanches from the Sanches Pau Costa Foundation, who has studied the development of forest fires in Norway over the years, as part of his Masters of Science from the University of Catalunya. Mr Sanches has been living and working in Norway for about ten years. 


Sverre Hogstad

Christian Mørdre from the Moss Regional Municipal fire services continued with a presentation the large forest fire in Vestby in Norway, 2023.  

Just before lunch, Håvard Hauge from  Cold Cut Systems held a short presentation about his eperiences using a piercing lance on a live EV fire in spring 2024. 

Lena Håkansson, Johan Ivarsson och Håvard Hauge from Cold Cut Systems.

This event has been proudly sponsored by our Associate Member  Cold Cut Systems. 

A team from the company will have their demonstration booth set up during both the seminar and Delegates Assembly 2024, and will hold a presentation on both days about the Cold Cutting method for extinguishing EV fires. 

Read more about this EV fire method:

På bilden till vänster syns brandingenjör Lena Håkansson, CEO Johan Ivarsson samt CobraSenior Instructor Håvard Hauge from Cold Cut Systems.


Cold Cut Cobra Logo


After lunch, Heidi Løfqvist from the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection spoke about the Norwegian program for helicopters in forest fire preparedness in Norway.  

Then followed a presentation by Mikko Saastamoinen, chair of the CTIF Commission for Extrication & New Technology, who spoke about the use of  autonomous drones in forest fires.  

The last presenter of the day was Ove Stokkeland, from Grenland Fire & Rescue Service, who spoke about Help with Decision Support by Air Resources from Drone & Helicopter. 


CTIF Seminar 2024


Below the photo gallery, please find the program for the seminar: