CTIF President Tore Eriksson and CTIF vice president Milan Dubravac with Emercom in Russia.
11 Jun 2019

CTIF invited to celebrate 370 years of Russian Fire Service at the 12th ISSE conference



In the first week of June, CTIF was invited to Moscow to be a part the Russian Fire Services´ 370th Anniversary, and to speak at the  ISSE “Integrated Safety & Security Exhibition 2019.  The visit also involved discussions for Russia´s deeper involvement and cooperation with CTIF, as well as a chance to present to our Russian colleagues the work with ISO Standardization and the dangers of New Vehicles. 




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CTIF President Tore Eriksson lectures on the CTIF ISO standardization and the dangers of New Vehicles and alternative fuels.

CTIF President Tore Eriksson lectures on the CTIF ISO standardization and the dangers of New Vehicles and alternative fuels.

CTIF president Tore Eriksson and vice president Milan Dubravac were CTIF´s representatives, and included in the visit was a formal meeting at  the state emergency agency EMERCOM with Alexander Chupriyan, Deputy Minister of Civil Defence, Emergencies and Disaster Relief of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Soloviev, director if the International Cooperation Department and Anatoly Suprunovsky, Chief of the Russian State Fire Academy.

Russia´s intention is to get much more involved again in CTIF, and Ms. Vera Malinovskya, formerly retired from EMERCOM, has now been contracted to be the Russian liason between the CTIF Executive Board and the Russian National CTIF Committee. Mrs Marinova has a history of long standing service for CTIF in the past.

The discussions involved a deepened cooperation between Russia and the rest of CTIF, both in candidacy for future board positions, and also and interest in involvement by Russian experts in various Commissions and Groups.

The meetings and lectures at ISSE also presented opportunities to present CTIF´s work on ISO standardization for New Vehicles, and to lecture on the dangers involving new and alternative fuels.

Emercom has also expressed an interest in sending a delegation, and speakers, to the 2nd CTIF Seminar "Fire, Rescue & New Challenges" in Ostrava, October 25-26th 2019. 

CTIF´s General Secretary Michel Bour, who has participated in several recent events in Russia, was not able to travel to ISSE this time, however Mr Bour was especially mentioned and thanked for his contributions in the past by EMERCOM´s representatives. 


Tore Eriksson lectures about the dangers of alternative fuels and the CTIF ISO standardization for new vehicles.


A firefighting robot at the ISSE exhibition in Moscow.The XII International ISSE “Integrated Safety & Security Exhibition 2019” (ISSE) was  held from 5 to 8 June 2019 in Moscow. Proved itself as one of the most credible professional international venues, the ISSE aims to unite professionals in civil protection from all over the world, to discuss topical issues of disaster management both on regional and global levels.

Participation in the ISSE is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the latest developments in the firefighting and rescue field, to establish direct contacts with foreign colleagues and delegates from manufactures, to present brand-new technologies and advanced developments, as well as to share experience of their application to national emergency services. Invariably the main feature of the ISSE is its rich demonstration program.

This year large-scale international exercise will be conducted on the training ground of EMERCOM of Russia. The exercise will demonstrate the unique capabilities of modem fire and rescue technologies used both in Russia and abroad. 2 The business program includes international conference on "Emergency prevention. Experience.

The participants of the conference are welcome to make presentations on the following issues: national experience in disaster prevention; capabilities of the modem emergency forecasting technologies; advancing public alert systems; population disaster preparedness; development of international cooperation in disaster prevention; national and international experience in ensuring fire safety.

In addition to the announced topics participants could choose on their own the relevant subject of the report and present it during the conference.


CTIF vice president Milan Dubravac studies a fire fighting robot at the ISSE exhibition.
CTIF vice president Milan Dubravac studies new firefighting technology in display at the ISSE exhibition.