The Executive Committee of CTIF with our  four new vice presidents voted in as of DA 2023 in Vienna. Photo: CTIF Austria  From the left: Otto Drozd (USA - New), Luc Faes (Belgium - New), Marc Mamer (Luxembourg, Treasurer), Zdenek Nytra (Czech Republic - leaving the EC), Tom Van Esbroeck (Belgium - Special Advisor), Milan Dubravac (Slovenia - Pres), Taina Hanhihoski (Finland), Dennis Davis (UK - Senior Advisor), Yvonne Näsman (Sweden),  Ole Hansen (Norway - leaving the EC), Neza Strmole (Slovenia - CTIF Secr
15 Jun 2023

CTIF has a new Executive Committee - four new vice presidents voted in at DA 2023


At Delegates Assembly in Vienna, June 15, 2023, a new Executive Commission was formed when four new vice president were voted in.

The number of Vice Presidents in the EC is now raised from 7 to 8, after an official vote in the matter at Delegates Assembly in Vienna 2023. 


Four new Vice Presidents are replacing Ole Hansen (Norway) and  Zdenek Nytra (Czech Republic) who have both done their maximum allowed two 4 year terms in the Executive Committee. 

Also László Bérczi (Hungary) is being replaced as he had to unfortunately end his term as vice president on the CTIF Executive Committee earlier than expected.


CTIF thanks all vice presidents, Commissions, National Committees and other members of our organization for all your hard work! Let´s come together to make CTIF even better in coming years!


The four new Vice Presidents in the CTIF EC  are:

Otto Drozd, USA

Luc Faes, Belgium

Martin Nekula, Czech Republic

Nedeljko Yukalovic, Croatia


The Executive Committee of CTIF with our  four new vice presidents voted in as of DA 2023 in Vienna. Photo: CTIF Austria

From the left: Otto Drozd (USA - New), Luc Faes (Belgium - New), Marc Mamer (Luxembourg, Treasurer), Zdenek Nytra (Czech Republic - leaving the EC), Tom Van Esbroeck (Belgium - Special Advisor), Milan Dubravac (Slovenia - Pres), Taina Hanhihoski (Finland), Dennis Davis (UK - Senior Advisor), Yvonne Näsman (Sweden),  Ole Hansen (Norway - leaving the EC), Neza Strmole (Slovenia - CTIF Secr), Christophe Marchal (France),  Martin Nekula (Czech Republic - new) and Nedeljko Yukalovic (Croatia - New)   


CTIF.org will return with closer presentations and bios for these new vice presidents and the topics they introduced during DA 2023.

The Information and bios on the Executive Committee page and the About CTIF section will be updated during Summer of 2023!