CTIF Expo magazine, first copies handed out at DA 2024.
20 Jun 2024

CTIF EXPO 2024 - freshly printed news review magazine handed out at DA 2024 in Oslo


CTIF Expo 2024For the first time in recent years, CTIF's media team has produced a printed News Review magazine, CTIF Expo 2024, with a selection of our articles published on CTIF.org during the last year, Fall 2023 and Spring 2024.  

The magazine was handed out to DA Delegates and also to some delegates during the seminar. More copies of the magazine will be handed out at other physical meetings in the coming year. A digital PDF version will be e-mailed and also made available in our news letters and made available for download on the website in coming days. 

This first magazine was a small pilot project with 32 pages, and we appologize for not having a chance to contact all members about it in advance. 

CTIF Expo will be printed with a new and larger edition in 2025, in connection with the celebrations of CTIF's 125th Anniversary. The work with this magazine will start already this Fall and all commissions, working groups, Associate business member and Ordinary Members will be contacted to have an opportunity to submit articles and news frmo their activities and products. 


Photo Credits:

A BIG CREDIT & THANKS  to Mona Hjortzberg & KIRTJ.se, the Swedish Network of Women in Fire & Rescue, for the use of the beautiful cover photo of a female firefighter in full protective gear, and other professional  photos they have provided for CTIF's use in the magazine and over the years.