06 Dec 2023

CTIF Commission “Rescue and Fire Fighting at Airports” held a virtual meeting in November 2023


The CTIF Commission “Rescue and Fire Fighting at Airports” held their virtual meeting, 22nd November 2023. 



Participants as Ordinary members:

  • Manfred Sommerer, Chairman (Vienna Airport)
  • Veli-Matti Sääskilahti, Board member (Traficom)
  • Ole J. Hansen, Board member (CTIF)
  • Florian Monthoux, Board member (FOCA)
  • Antonios Panagiotakis (Fraport Greece)
  • Kostas Papakonstantinou (Fraport Greece)
  • Valentin Gangur (Frankfurt Airport)
  • Lars Johansson (Swedavia)
  • Milan Mráz (Prague Airport)
  • Octavio Teixeira (ANAC)
  • Ulrich Bergkvist (Avinor)
  • Trond Joranger (Avinor)
  • Niclas Tongring (Swedavia)
  • Andrzej Marzęda (Wrocław Airport)
  • Andreas Rudlof (Stuttgart Airport)

 Participants as Associated Members:

  • Emilio Belotti (Magirus)
  • Jörg Winkler (WinTecCon)
  • Kim Olsen (Alpin Metal Tech)
  • Fabian Schmidt (Ziegler)
  • Florian Kubowski (ARFF Driving Academy)
  • Philipp Platzl (Rosenbauer)
  • Sarah Wouterse (ARFF-Services)
  • Frank Burr (Magirus)
  • Wolfgang Voraberger (Rosenbauer)

Welcome (Chairman)

The Chairman thanked everyone and explained that the aim of this meeting is to keep in touch with members. The next physical meeting will take place in Oslo in 2024.

The agenda for the meeting will not be followed as planned due to the absence of a guest presenter. The report on the accident at Lima airport in Peru will be discussed during the next meeting.

New Participants from CTIF Ordinary States/Associated Members (Chairman)

The commission is pleased to welcome 3 new members:

Ordinary members:

  • Andrejy Marzeda, RFFS at Copernicus Airport Wrocław, Poland
  • Milan Mráz, RFFS at Prague Airport, Czech Republic

Associated member:

  • Florian Kubowski, Company ARFF Driving Academy, Germany

CTIF Commission - Situational Report (Chairman)

The Delegates Assembly of CTIF took place in Vienna on 14-15 June 2023. It was an opportunity to talk to firefighters from all over the world, and in particular from the USA.

Instead of having 1 CTIF president and 3 vice-presidents, there is now 1 CTIF president and 4 vice-presidents who have been elected. The new CTIF Executive Committee can be found on the CTIF website: The CTIF Executive Committee

CTIF – Situational Report (Ole J. Hansen)

The CTIF Executive Committee is currently working on the 2024 Delegates Assembly, which will take place in Oslo in June 2024. The committee is still very active in providing support to the firefighters in Ukraine.

Reports of Member Countries (Ordinary members)

Each ordinary member gives a brief presentation of his current activities in 2023 and the challenges ahead.

Post covid recovery for the aerodromes is around 90%. 2024 should be a good year.

Several airports are in the process of switching to fluorine-free foam. Delivery times for new fire engines are very long. The cost has also risen sharply this year.

The EASA RFFS expert group has met several times to discuss the RFF requirements. The results of the discussions will take the form of a Q&A to enable a common understanding of the EASA requirements. The working group will remain active on certain issues (TRA, alternative propulsion, fluorine foam, etc.).

The Nordic countries face a complicated situation due to the low number of firefighters for each RFF category and the multi-tasking of aerodrome employees (RFFS, snow removal, etc.).

The EASA carried out a Standardisation Inspection in Finland this year. The EASA inspectors questioned the TRAs about the number of personal RFFs.

A survey was carried out before the meeting on the wearing of breathing apparatus. Some aerodromes are unable to enter in a burning aircraft because national legislation requires a minimum of 4 firefighters equipped with breathing apparatus for this activity. Category RFF 4 aerodromes with only 2 fire-fighters are therefore unable to intervene inside an aircraft with smoke.

One idea might be to cooperate with the other departments at the aerodrome to make more staff available for RFFS.

Reports of Industry (Associated Members)

Each associated member gives a brief presentation of his current activities in 2023 and the challenges ahead.

Demand for aerodrome training simulators is growing. Long delivery times for vehicles are known. Rising costs are a reality for everyone.

Conclusion and date of the next meeting (Chairman)

The next face-to-face meeting will take place from 14 to 16 May 2024 in Olso, Norway, one month before the Delegates Assembly. Please save the date!

The commission annual meeting will take place on 15 May, but taking into account travel time, you should save from 14 to 16 May.

Further information will be provided at a later date.