The ceremonial handover of books at the CTIF Firefighting Museum in Pribyslav on June 13, 2023.
22 Jun 2023

The CTIF Center for Fire Statistics donated large collection of books to the Fire Brigade Museum in Pribyslav


On June 13, 2023, the team of the CTIF Statistics Center visited the city of Pribyslav. In the fire brigade museum and library there, a ceremonial handover of specialist books in the field of fire protection and disaster control took place.

The books come from the collection of the CTIF Statistics Center. There, the books served as valuable sources of literature for many years. Now it was time to preserve the books in a dignified place for posterity. The library in Pribyslav houses an interesting range of specialist literature from many countries.

Among the new books are extensive reference works from Germany, as well as books from Japan, the United Arab Emirates and historically valuable reference books in Russian. For readers with a keen interest in fire engines, the library now also has various illustrated books with automobiles in fire brigades from all over the world.

So, a visit to Pribyslav is worth it! And on our own behalf: anyone who wants to add books and historical documents of the fire service is always welcome in Pribyslav!

Dr. Harald Herweg, Berlin

Dr. Peter Wagner, Berlin

Center of Fire Statistics of CTIF



As seen in the pictures below: 

Harald Herweg (CTIF Center of Fire Statistics)

Jana Fialova (Director of Fire Museum and Library)

Peter Wagner (CTIF Center of Fire Statistics)

Iveta Krpalkova (Head of archive),