Photo by Scottsdale Police Department https://twitter.com/ScottsdalePD/status/1629192462513373185
08 Mar 2023

Crashed Tesla catches fire twice - second fire during transport on tow truck


A Tesla was involved a small crash - after the first fire was extinguished, it caught fire again on the tow truck as the EV was being transported away from the accident scene.

Police said they don’t know why a Tesla slammed into a building in Arizona on Friday February 24. According to an article on NorthernNewsNow.com, the EV was catching fire not just once, but twice. 

Witnesses at the scene tell ABC15 a teen girl was attempting to park the vehicle and then it went forward, hitting the building. The EV reportedly caught fire from the impact, but the exact cause is still under investigation.

When fire crews arrived the found a single vehicle that had struck a building. At some point the Tesla had caught fire and firefighters managed to put out the fire.

Shortly after, the same Tesla was involved in another fire while being towed away from the accident scene. 

M.D. Clark, battalion chief with Scottsdale Fire, says the Tesla caught fire while it was on the tow truck. The battery apparently sparked and caused another fire. 

In order to keep the fire from spreading further, the EV  needed to be let off of the tow truck in the middle of the street. The tow truck driver received minor injuries and was taken to a hospital. It's unclear what caused the injuries.

Scottsdale fire officials say to ABC15.com that electric car fires take longer to put out than traditional car fires. They also  require multiple agencies and hazmat crews because of the potential hazards to the community. By following the link to ABC15.com you can also watch an interview with Scottsdale Fire about the incident. 

Below is also a YouTube Video from the incident, by Fox10.com.  


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