Commission Europe meeting in Brussels, November 8, 2018.
08 Nov 2018

Commission Europe meeting in Brussels with Dennis Davis as Chair


Commission Europe has been re-grouped under the new leadership of CTIF Special Adviser Dennis Davis, who has previously chaired the Commission. Seamus Murphy continues in the Commission as member.

Thursday the 8th of November, Commission Europe met in Brussels in conjunction with the CTIF Seminar Fire, rescue & New Challenges.

Participating Commission members:

In the Center of the photo, the Commission Chair Dennis Davis

Hubert Vetter, Austria

Taina Hanhikoski, Finland

Maika Billard, France

Erik Flores, France

Marc Mamer, Luxembourg

Franci Petek, Slovenia

Janja Kramer Stajnko, Slovenia


Excused Commission Members:

Valdo Helmelaid, Estonia

Peter Hofman-Bang, Denmark

Seamus Murphy, Ireland

Rudolf Roemer, Germany