Flooding in Aidlingen on 15.05.2009. Photo: Wikipedia Commons
05 Oct 2021

CFPA Europe is looking for input from CTIF members on two new Fire Safety Recommendations


The first and most urgent recommendation where CFPA Europe wants comments from CTIF is "Water Supply for Fire Fighting in Extreme Weather Conditions" and the deadline for comments is already this Friday, October 8th.

The second recommendation where CFPA is needing comments is "Demountable/Mobile Flood Protection System". 

See first page on the CFPA Europe website www.cfpa-e.eu where we are asking for comments.

Comments can be sent directly to Tommy Arvidsson: tommy.arvidsson@cfpa-e.eu

The two new fire safety Guidelines that CFPA ratified in the summer are both on their website:


See there Guideline No. 39:2021 F "Fire protection in schools", and Guideline No. 38:2021 F "Fire safety recommendations for short term rental accommodations".

See the Recommendations here: 


Cover Photo: (Above) Flooding in Aidlingen on May 15, 2009. Photo: Wikipedia Commons