CTIF-ISES 2023 in Austria: Opening and welcome of the participants (Krzysztof Biskup, Chair of the EuroFSA on left side, and Stephan Wevers (FEU-President)
29 Nov 2023

The 7th International Safety Education Seminar in Austria - ISES 2023


The 7th International Safety Education Seminar - ISES 2023 took place in Linz, Austria, on November 23rd and 24th, 2023. 

It all started in 2011 in Finland, when our initial concept of connecting all people -  committed to creating a higher level of community, fire safety awareness and education - was born. 

This was followed by further successful seminars in Helsinki, Stockholm, Arnhem, Antwerp and Dublin

The event has grown significantly over the years, and even the difficulties and challenges of the last few years couldn’t stop this Seminar. 

Now it was the Austrian Fire Brigade Association´s turn to host this auspicious event in 2023 with the support of the Federation of European Union Fire Officers (FEU, ) and the European Fire Safety Alliance (EFSA)


More than 50 participants from many countries followed the extremely exciting and interesting presentations.



The main themes of this year’s seminar were focused on:


• Fire safety education from Kindergarten to University,

• Fire safety strategic planning,

• How to influence the fire safety behavior of various age groups,

• Use of data analysis / statistics, scientific research and fire risk models in the development of fire safety policy,

• Fire safety educational messaging and communication,

• Use of artificial intelligence, emerging technologies, gaming and other innovative solutions in developing best practice in fire safety education and awareness.


The seminar was an excellent opportunity to showcase the latest research, programmers, projects, and innovations with a broad spectrum of stakeholders involved in fire safety awareness and education worldwide. 


Peter Wagner


CTIF was represented at the seminar with a presentation by Peter Wagner from the Center for Fire Statistics.

The next seminar ISES 2025, March 12-13 will take place in Finland.


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