Forest fire near Marseille. Screen shot from France24
04 Aug 2020

2,700 residents and tourists evacuated from forest fires near Marseille


Large forest fires are raging outside the French city of Marseille. About 2,700 people have been forced to evacuate, reports the news agency AP.

1,800 firefighters are fighting several forest fires near Marseille in France on Wednesday morning. At least 22 people have been injured and 2,700 people, including hundreds of tourists, have been forced to evacuate, according to the news agency AP.

The fires started on Tuesday and initially came to affect an area of 800 hectares. The cause of the fire is unclear, but the fires are believed to have gained further momentum in connection with the strong Mediterranean winds storms that have been effecting the area.

A high-pressure weather zone passed over France on Wednesday and local authorities have announced a total ban on any man made or controlled fires.


Cover Photo: Forest fire near Marseille. Screen shot from the France24 video above