The second explosion injured 26 firefighters on August 26, 2023, near Bucharest. Photo: Bucharest Fire Services
01 Sep 2023

26 firefighters injured in LPG explosion in Romania


One person is reported to have died and 46 were injured – 26 of them are firefighters – in explosions at a gas station in Crevedia, 30 km outside of Bucharest in Romania.

After an initial explosion on August 26,  the fire spread to two LPG containers and a house nearby. As firefighters tried to put out the fire, a second explosion occurred. 26 firefighters were injured. One of them was reported to be in life-threatening condition, Radio Free Europe reports.

Residents within a radius of 750 meters have been evacuated and traffic blocked, according to the head of the rescue agency, Raed Arafat, to whom AP refers. In the evening there was still a risk of a third gas container exploding.

Several other people have serious injuries. The death toll is feared to rise, according to Health Minister Alexandru Rafila.

Footage on social media shows the fire spreading to a nearby field where it devoured dry crops. Several houses and vehicles have been destroyed by the fire.

A large rescue team was sent to the scene. The cause of the explosions is unknown.

This article on DW.com contains a critical analysis of why explosions involving fuel keep occurring in Romania. 


Photo: Bucharest Fire Services