The Sichuan province in China. Illustration by Wikipedia.
02 Apr 2020

18 firefighters killed in China forest fire


Nineteen people died while fighting a forest fire in southwestern China, officials and state media reported Tuesday. 18 of them were firefighters.

The area threatened by the fire in Sichuan province is thinly populated.  State media have described villages, a school, a chemical plant and other places as under threat, according to an article on Fireengineering.com.

An emergency evacuation was initiated, and more than 300 professional firefighters and another 700 military staff were sent to help. Allegedly, another 885 firefighters from other cities in Sichuan were sent to Xichang, along with 142 fire engines, six remote water supply systems and other  firefighting equipment. READ MORE HERE


Illustration above: The Sichuan province in China, by Wikipedia.