Accident involving LNG truck, full front cover
10 Jul 2020

Accident involving LNG truck

Kurt Vollmacher & Tom Van Esbroeck
CTIF Commission for Extrication & New Technology / CTIF Belgium
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Traffic accidents involving LGN vehicles require different intervention procedures than for gasoline, diesel or even LPG powered vehicles. LNG is extremely cold when released and a leaked LNG gas cloud can freeze human tissue and kill or injure a person walking into it within seconds.

LNG burns slower than gasoline and LPG and is not ´technically´ explosive, but can cause massive destruction when ignited nevertheless.

This article describes how an emergency response team in Belgium had to learn on the spot, because they lacked a specific emergency response plan for LNG.

The article also contains a CTIF proposal for trucks being marked in accordance with ISO 17840 part 4; a new ISO standard for non traditional power system vehicles which, together with ISO and Euro NCAP, CTIF has been instrumental in creating.

The full PDF article (downloadable) also contains detailed information about LNG powered systems, how the intervention was done and what steps must be taken to ensure safety for firefighters and other first responders on the fire ground.



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Authors: Kurt Vollmacher, Project Leader ISO Commission and Tom Van Esbroeck, chair of the CTIF Commission for Extrication and New Technology