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Valencia, Spain
20 Aug 2014

FIREFOR Mediterraneam 2014

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Next 23 to the 25 OCTOBER 2014 the FIREFOR MEDITERRANEAM – International Exhibition on Techniques and Machinery for the Prevention. Detection and Extinguishing of Forest Fires will be held in VALENCIA FAIR (Spain).

Spanish exhibitors and exhibitors from other countries relating to the 21 sectors included in FIREFOR MEDITERRANEAM will present their novelties to the numerous professional visitors pertaining to Fire Departments, Civil Protection and Emergencies Departments, Brigades for prevention and extinguishing of forest  fires, Government and Municipal agencies, as well as forest owners professionals and businessmen of the forestry sector, manufacturers that export and import machinery and equipment, researchers, etc., from more than 30 countries and especially from the 22 countries of the mediterraneam area, will meet at FIREFOR MEDITERRANEAM,  the only Show in the world in its mainsubjects. Will be held with the sponsorship of the 100 national and international Organizations and Entities. In short  FIREFOR MEDITERRANEAM   is a commercial, technical and scientific excellent opportunity for all the people involved in the forest sector in general.

Relating to previous editions, FIREFOR/2014 presents outstanding novelties such as specific actions for promoting exportation of the products exhibited.

Included in the scientific-technical-commercial programming are the WORLD FORUM ON NEW EXPERIENCES IN PREVENTION AND EXTINGUISHING OF FORESTFIRES, on  FOREST BIOMASS AND CLEANING OF FORESTS  the INTERNATIONAL FORUM ON  SELF-PROTECTION AND SELF-DEFENSE  OF RURAL VILLAGES AGAINSTFOREST FIRES and the INTERNATIONAL  DAY OF THE FOREST FIREFIGHTER. The safety of all the professionals who take part in all the tasks will also be a highlighted subject as well as the training of volunteer forest fire fighter.

Machines and products exhibited:

-  Machinery and equipment for the prevention and detection of forest fires
– Equipment and materials for fighting forest fires (surface and air)
– Machinery and equipment for forest works
– Machinery, equipment and systems for the regeneration of areas affected by forest fires
- Forest biomass
-Vehicles (for people and products)
– Equipment for protection and safety at work
– First aid medical equipment
– Communication equipment
– Laboratory sets of instruments
– Forest nursery
– Forest and environment engineering
– Computer software applied to the forest sector
– Specialized organisations – Research centres
– Centres for the training of forest technicians and civil service
– Organisations for environmental protection
– Professional associations – Publishing companies and specialised reviews
– Miscellaneous.